Password Manager

Activate Password Manager enables users to register ‘secret’ questions and answers that can be used to verify their identity and allow them to reset their password without calling the service desk.

The product also allows passwords reset from the web interface to be 'flowed' through to external systems as required.   

According to Gartner, if a 10,000-employee company automated password-resetting alone, service desk calls could drop by one-third and the firm could save US$648,000 each year. According to Burton Group, studies show the management of passwords cost US$200 to US$300 per user, per year.


Password Policy

Quickly and easily inform the users what the current password policy is within Active Directory.

Reqister Shared Secrets

Users register for password reset by registering 'shared secrets' that help identify the person is who they say they are.

Two Factor Authentication

Activate can also be configured to require two factor authentication. Where a single use pin number is sent to an external email address or mobile phone via SMS.

Web Password Reset

Users can easily reset their password using a browser. A random set of the users registered questions is used to ensure security and prevent hacking. The user is also locked out after a number of attempts to prevent hacking.

Windows Password Reset

Allow users to reset their password directly from the Windows Login screen. Activate has support for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x machines.

External Password Reset

Allow business users to reset their password even if not on your network. Provide a link from your OWA, Citrix, VPN or other web site to a secure Activate portal in the DMZ that allows users to reset their password.