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Activate radically transforms the way that businesses think about managing IT. It makes the business more agile, efficient and profitable. Activate is a pioneer in bringing self service automation to the market and delivering significant value to businesses. We deliver value through automation software, professional services and helping our customers bring IT as service into their organization.

Now implemented by significant organizations such as FICO, Spark New Zealand, Fonterra and The Auckland District Health Board, Activate is a proven product, with a proven ROI. Built on a Microsoft platform, Activate is fast and easy to implement and maintain, typically recovering its costs within six months.

Activate’s modular design enables each customer to select the functionality that represents the greatest value for them – and to implement their own highly-customised solution within days. Around half of the traditional IT helpdesk requests can typically be handled directly by individual users or their managers, releasing helpdesk resources and avoiding user frustration over delays in setting up new accounts and provisioning with software applications and other resources.

Activate’s robust workflow processes allow for easy customisation according to individual customer needs and ensure that correct procedures are followed at all times – building in consistency and security. Activate pricing is set at a level which makes its purchase non-controversial, with the benefits and savings clearly demonstrable prior to purchase, and with implementation fast, easy and non-disruptive to existing systems and processes.

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Activate customers can ensure they realize the best value from their investment by leveraging the world-class technologies and products of our premier business partners.

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Organizations from small to large enterprises use Activate to empower users, reduce costs and increase security.

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