Newsletter Q1 2017

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Welcome to the Activate Newsletter, a quarterly update featuring the latest news on the Activate Product Suite.

This newsletter covers:-

 The release of Activate 6.2
 Office 365 integration and support
 Shared Mailbox Manager

Activate 6.2 Release


Activate is pleased to announce the release of Activate 6.2. This release builds upon the Activate platform to provide even more cost savings, improved security and service to your business and end-users.

This release includes major enhancements for

 New Web based HTML editor
 Article and Knowledge base editing
 Activate Anywhere customisation
 Virtual LDAP Directory (beta)

Release notes are available on support portal or for more information please contact your Activate representative.


Office 365 Integration and Support


Activate has supported Office 365 for provisioning and management of users from Activate 5.3.1 onwards.

Our customers are benefiting from this in the following areas:

 Seamless provisioning of user’s Office 365 mailbox saving time to on board a new employee.
 Decreased licensing costs
 Increased security and compliance through off-boarding processes
 IT Administrators are freed up as Activate takes on the task of managing Office 365.

Activate also offers an Office 365 Feature Pack for more complex integrations with Office 365. The Office 365 Feature Pack provides the following:

 A built-in migration process and management of moving from on-premise Exchange to Office 365.
 Allow business end users to change their Office 365 Service Plans without needing IT.
 Business users and managers can easily see what Office 365 Licences they are consuming within the Activate Web Portal.
 Comprehensive management of Office 365 Licences to reduce costs and increase security and compliance.

For more information about integrating Activate with Office 365, please contact your Activate representative.


Shared Mailbox Manager

Shared Mailbox

Activate recently released the Shared Mailbox Manager Module to assist with the management of Shared Mailboxes and Resource Mailboxes within your organisation.

The Shared Mailbox Manager provides the following benefits: 
* Allow business users to create and manage Shared Mailboxes in a similar way they manage Distribution Lists within Activate today. 
* This reduces the cost of managing these Shared Mailboxes and increases the security of the data being managed through these mailboxes. 
* Business users can request and manage access to Shared Mailboxes without having to log a ticket with the Service Desk, freeing up IT and Exchange Administrator resources. 
* As always, all requests are audited and can be reported on within Activate.

For more information about the Shared Mailbox Manager, please contact your Activate representative.


Kind regards, 
Your Team at Activate