Activate Live Provisioning Server

The Activate Live Provisioning Server provides the base functionality for all other Activate Products. The system provides common services such as configuration management, job and workflow management as well as common auditing and security features.

Customers can then purchase as few or as many Activate products as required for their organization.

A common platform means that all Activate products have the same look and feel as well as common functionality. This makes it easier for Business Users to understand, so that they can start using additional products quickly and easily.

The Activate Live Provisioning Server consists of 2 major components, the Activate Intranet Portal and the Activate Live Provisioning Engine.

Activate Intranet Portal

The Activate Intranet Portal is the base platform for delivering the system to the business and provides a centralized point for the submission and execution of Activate Tasks.

Activate Live Provisioning Engine

The Activate Live Provisioning Engine is responsible for workflow, execution and management of provisioning tasks.


Simple to Use

The Activate Web Portal is designed for end users to quickly and easily request and action those requests. A simple ribbon toolbar and properties page shows the user what actions are possible.

Business Owners

Users in the business can be delegated ownership of certain objects, such as Distribution Lists, Folders, Sharepoint sites, Services etc. These users can approve requests for access and perform other actions.

Business Workflow

All actions can require approval. Reminders, Escalation procedures and Delegated approvals are built in to the Activate platform to ensure that users can always request, approve and monitor approvals as they happen.

Security and Audit

All approvals and actions are auditable and reportable within the system. External and System Auditors can quickly and easily determine when and who approved particular actions.