Activate V6

Activate V6 represents the leading edge in End User Self Service and Automation. Activate V6 brings cloud style administration and functionality to corporate environments. It makes complex IT tasks simple.

Activate empowers business users to manage their own environment quickly and easily without IT assistance. Today's workforce expects exceptional self service on-line experiences from companiesĀ such asĀ Amazon and Facebook. Activate allows corporate IT to provide a similar experience to users while maintaining security and compliance.

Activate V6 provides:

  • An Exceptional User Experience

    Activate's modern, collaborative and mobile interface allows today's workforce to manage their digital environment quickly and easily. Transforming traditional IT into a digitial workplace that empowers users. Whether it's from a Mobile, Tablet or Computer, Activate can be accessed from any device on your network.
  • Intelligent Access

    Activate's AI engine allows the system to quickly and easily suggest new Access that users may require based on user heuristics and data analysis.
  • Enhanced Cloud Management and Integration

    Embedded processes and industry best practices allows Activate to be a key component of your future cloud based initiatives. From Office 365 to Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) migrations, Activate can ensure that the experience for your end users is as seemless as possible.

General Features

Modern Flat UI

A new modern flat style UI allows Activate to fit into any new Windows 8/10 environment or can be easily styled to match SharePoint 2013 environments.

Web UI Enhancements

Improved category and object browsing with Windows 8/10 style notification numbers to indicate the number of subitems. Autocomplete on all Select Controls. Improved navigation. Instant preview of items on a category.


Users can quickly share Services, Distribution Lists, Folders or any other Activate item with other Users or share these with an entire department or team.


Users can quickly and easily manage their own Favorite Services, Distribution Lists, Folders or any other Activate item.


Enhanced Mobile support and responsive web design means that Activate can be accessed from any device that is on your network. iPhone or Android, Phone or Tablet, Activate can be everywhere that your users are.

Suggest Access AI

Activate's intelligent AI can help users find the Services, DL's or Folders that they may require.

My Department

Managers can easily manage their Department or Team default entitlements. An intelligent AI can suggest Default Access for the department or team.

Selected Items Cart

Updated functionality provides a visual reminder for users who did not submit their selected items. This prevents the user from having to re-select the items to finalize the request.

Web Based Form Editing

New online Web based Form Editing means that non-administrators can quickly and easily create custom forms using drag and drop.

Knowledge Base

Major enhancements include on-line management of Attachments (Images or Documents) and updating Publish and Expiry dates.

Simplified Email Approval

Enhanced functionality means that users can approve or decline a request by simply clicking on a link in an Email.

Advanced Features

Graphical Difference

Administrators can now see a graphical representation of differences when comparing parameters locally or from a Master database.

Advanced Security

Activate ACE security can now be applied to specific sub-items only.

Virtual Folder Security

Automatic Unpublish and Publish of unsuitable security. Automatic generation of 'Virtual Aces' when existing security is not valid.