Password Policy Manager

Activate Password Policy Manager (PPM) allows an organization to significantly enhance security by enforcing strong password policies. This increases compliance and security while also improving end user satisfaction, in a simple to implement and easy to use package.

If relying on the built-in basic Windows password complexity rule users are still allowed to set weak passwords such as ‘Password1’. Activate Password Policy Manager's configurable rules and granular targeting of users means that you can enforce multiple policies and provide much stricter requirements.

Integration with the Activate Password Policy Manager Client means that users can quickly see what password policy applies when changing their password and also a detailed description of why a password was rejected.



Multiple Policies

Multiple password policies can be applied to different groups in the organization. For example, Administrator accounts may require more complex or longer passwords. The number of policies is unlimited.

Change Password Hints

Users are informed of the password rules that apply to their account when changing their password.

Change Password Failure

Users are given a detailed reason when their new password does not meet the current password policy rules.

Password Reset Clients

Activate Password Policy is fully integrated with all Activate password reset mechanisms (Web, Windows Client and External User Portal). Users are given detailed information on current policies and reasons for failures.

Pass Phrases

Pass Phrases are proven to be more secure that smaller passwords. Activate encourages users to use pass phrases by enabling different rules based on the length of the password.

Advanced Dictionary Rules

A new password can be checked against a list of dictionary words to prevent simple passwords. The system will automatically strip out simple substitutions such as putting a number in the middle of the word.