Mobile Device Management

Activate provides a Feature Pack that enables the management of mobile devices and connections.

In conjunction, with a Mobile Device Management solution, Activate can enable end-users to request, update and remove connection and devices.

Activate can also link these requests directly to Telco provisioning processes saving time and money. For example, cost centre changes or devices changes can be automated and update in the Telco provisioning systems for internal billing and management.

  • Reduce Connection Costs

    Automate the request and management of mobile phones and connections. Ensure that you are only paying for connections that you are using and that these details are correct.
  • Reduce Internal Costs

    The management and maintenance of this information can be time consuming and onerous if done manually. Activate's automated processes takes away this pain and makes it quick and easy to manage these devices.
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    Ensuring that these processes are done quickly and automatically reduces errors and therefore end user frustration.


Manage Handsets

Create a catalogue of available phones and handsets that are available.

Manage Phones and Connections online

Users can request and manage phone details online.

Handle Complex Senarios

Activate makes it easy for users to request a new number, transfer an existing number or just order a handset without a connection.

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activate's Mobile Feature Pack and processes can help your organization.