Asset and License Manager

Activate Asset and License Manager allows the management of assets to be delegated to users and asset owners. Assets can include Software Licenses, Mobile Phone Connections, Fixed Phone Extensions, Computers, iPads, Laptops etc.

Activate manages the Asset for the entire Asset lifecycle from provisioning the asset, through to asset transfers between cost centres and finally disposing of the Asset.

Activate Asset and License Manager is integrated with Activate Services Manager to allow the automatic allocation and release of software licenses and other assets as they are assigned and released by users. This minimizes the amount of manual maintenance that is required by IT and means that the asset information is always up to date.

Assets such as licenses and mobile phone connections can be a significant budget item for organizations and more closely managing these can represent significant savings.
Typically, a major challenge with asset management is maintaining accurate data, by integrating with user requests via Services Manager and also with existing automated inventory gathering tools, like Microsoft SCCM, Activate Asset Manager provides a comprehensive 360 degree view of what users have and what they are authorized to have.


Asset Catalogue

Asset types are easily created and managed using Activate. Asset types could include Software Licenses, Computers, Extensions, Mobile Phones etc.

Simple Asset Management

Business Administrators can search, create and update asset instances as required.

Customizable Asset Properties

Assets can be customized and designed to contain different properties and details depending upon the asset type.

Automatic Assignment

Assets are automatically assigned to users when they request a service that requires an asset. The users cost centre can automatically be assigned to the asset. This cost centre can be changed as users move roles in Activate.

View Users Assets

A user's assets can easily be seen in the user's properties.

Business Processes

Activate Assets and Services Manager can provide sophisticated business processes like Mobile Device Management, Telephony Management along with Licenses and Hardware.