Smart, Seamless, End to End Automation

Transform how you manage your end users' IT environment and systems

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Empower. Control. Automate.

Empower users to self manage their own environment, while ensuring security and control and dramatically reducing costs


Implement either a single product or more. Out of the box industry best practise processes that can be customized and seamlessly integrated into your environment

Delight your Business Users

Stop logging tickets and reduce 5 day Service Desk SLA’s to seconds. Business Users get what they need 24/7 - instantly while dramatically reducing costs and workload

Transform Security and Audit

End to end automation and management of Identity, Data and Systems across your entire environment

Trusted by leading companies


Empower Users and Reduce Costs all while increasing security

Activate's true end to end automation provides out of the box instant results. While integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure whether on-premise or in the cloud


Total Cost Savings this month


Total Requests this month


Percentange of requests that are fully automated by Activate this month

Identity and Access Governance

Seamlessly manage user identities and access while orchestrating a wide range of services, empowering your organization with streamlined operations, enhanced security and optimized collaboration


Manage user accounts from onboarding and role changes right through to offboarding

Role Based Access Control

Ensure users have the right access on Day One

Password Management

Passwords serve as the frontline defence for your users security

Privileged Account Management

Secure and manage highly privileged and critical accounts

Realtime Directory Compliance

Continuously monitor and enforce additional policies and rules for Active Directory and Azure Directory

Data Access Management

Empower Users with smart self service management of how their data is stored and shared
  • Simple To Use
  • Smart Automation
  • End to End Audit and Security
  • Save Time and Money
  • Trusted by the worlds most innovative businesses – big and small

    "It’s a privilege to work with the Activate team. The work is engaging, flawless, amazing really. I’ve worked with many vendors, and Activate is my favourite"

    Service Access Management

    Empower Your Business - Users get What they need, When they need it, with Activate
  • Stop Logging Tickets
  • Smart Automation
  • End to End Audit and Security
  • Save Time and Money
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    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

    Automated End to End Integrated Identity

    Find out how a large New Zealand Bank uses Activate to automate their IT and Identity Processes and empowers users to manage their environment without needing IT support.

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