Self Service Automation

Activate is an enterprise management and automation solution that manages a user's Identity, Access and Digital Workspace. It's fully integrated with Microsoft Suite offerings such as Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure AD.

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User-Centric Self Service Automation and Workflow Management

Activate enables users to request, approve and manage common IT systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 and Azure for themselves and other users in the Organisation.
  • Designed for End Users
  • Automation reduces costs, improves service and provides security and audit benefits
  • Stream-lined pre-defined approval processes are available out of the box with no coding required
  • Powerful Business Workflow Engine
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Identity and Access Management

Activate's integration of Identity Management and Service Management into a single product enables stream-lined management of a User's Lifecycle from On-boarding to Off-boarding.
  • Role Based Access Control and Entitlements
  • Password Reset and Advanced Password Policy management
  • Secure and Auditable processes to meet Audit and Compliance requirements
  • Catalogue items created for self service can be reused as default entitlements for many users
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Azure and Office 365 Management

Activate's virtual LDAP technology allows Azure AD to be managed in the same way as Active Directory. This means that services can be transitioned from on-premise to the cloud in a seamless manner without user service interruptions.

  • Manage and Report on Licences and Azure AD costs
  • Migration and Mailbox Management
  • Manage Cloud only Azure AD groups just like local Active Directory
  • Manage Cloud only users
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User Digital Workspace Management

Activate's Modules for managing Active Directory, Exchange, SCCM and other common Microsoft products mean a faster and easier initial implementation.
  • Fast and Simple implementation with no coding or scripts required
  • Deploy Software to Desktops or Mobile devices
  • Manage Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes in Exchange on-premise or Office 365
  • Manage Folder and Cloud Folder Permissions and Access
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Desktop Software

System Access

Mobile Phones


Remote Access

Travel Request

Database Access

ID Cards

Office Equipment

Service Catalogue

Activate Services allow the Activate Service Catalogue to be extended to implement any type of Service that you wish to provide to your Users.
  • Unlike traditional ITSM products, these are fully functional Services not just Service Requests
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of the Service for each user
  • Automatic deployment of software
  • Easy custom form creation
  • Integrated Asset Management of Licences and Hardware
  • Activate Services are fully integrated with Identity Management processes reducing costs and increasing security
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Key Benefits

Audit and Compliance

Track end to end processes from request to approval through to fulfilment. Provide repeatable and documented processes to auditors.

Reduced Costs and Workload

Automating and allowing users to manage their own environment massively reduces costs and the workload on your support staff.

Dramatically improve SLAs

Users can get what they need immediately rather than days, dramatically increasing user satisfaction and productivity.

Empower the Business

Allow business users to manage their own environment increasing security and improving business satisfaction.


Our customers from small to large enterprises use Activate to empower users, reduce costs and increase security.
  • Fast and Simple Implementation
  • Out of the Box processes
  • Proven ROI for over 12 years
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