Secure access to sensitive File Data

Transform and secure how data is shared and managed by empowering users while saving time and money


Secure access to sensitive, unstructured data

Unstructured data stored in files and storage devices, whether on-premise or in the cloud, presents challenges in control and management. Manual administration of access by the Service Desk usually involves user additions and removals from groups and is time-consuming and error-prone.

Activate provides a user-friendly solution for navigating the file system, managing access requests, and empowering business data owners to approve and monitor access. This ensures efficient data management, risk mitigation, and compliance adherence.
Enhance Security

Critical assets and information are often stored in the file system and it is imperative that this is managed securely

Empower Users

Empower business owners of sensitive data to gain visibility of who has access to their data and manage it appropriately

Stop Logging Tickets

End to end automation from Request and Business Approval to fully Provisioned changes without needing expert knowledge or IT support

Instant Access

Change 5 day Service Desk SLA’s into seconds and create, manage or grant shared file and folder access 24/7


Smart. Streamlined. Secure.

Out of the box best practice enterprise management of Shared data
SMB File Shares
Manage SMB File shares on any Windows compatible on-premise or cloud server - Windows Server, NAS devices and Azure File Shares
Manage Shared One-Drive locations just like regular file shares. Manage SharePoint or Azure file access groups and grant or control access rights to folders within your shared One-Drive
Best Practise Management
Manage the entire life-cycle of the shared folder from creation, update and deletion using our out of the box processes
Security and Audit
Extend native security by controlling who can have access or provide temporary access with automatic expiry

User Managed

Empower Users to Manage Data Sharing

Allow end users to create shared folders
  • Designed for Business Users
  • Secure
  • End to End Automation
  • Explorer

    Browse your enterprise file systems across any network share in a simple Explorer style view. Making it easy for users to navigate


    Manage and Assign business owners to shared data and allow the business to view detailed access. Owners can approve requests for access to the data and perform other actions

    Standarized Sharing

    All Shared Folders are created based on a pre-defined template which creates the Folder, Groups and assigns Security in a single step while enforcing corporate naming and standards


    Report on access requests and view detailed reports on who has access quickly and simply

    "According to Gartner, unstructured data represents an estimated 80 to 90 per cent of all new enterprise data. Furthermore, it's growing three times faster than structured data."

    Advanced Features

    Smart, Automated File Data Management

    Out of the Box best practice management of sensitive file data
  • Flexible
  • Enterprise Scale
  • Secure
  • Resecure Folder

    Over time manually maintained file security can become a mess. Resecure folders with the right permissions and migrate existing user access automatically

    Role Based Access

    Automatically manage access to Department or Location shared data automatically as users join and move within the organization

    Smart AI Management

    Automatically unpublish insecure groups, filter highly priviledged groups automatically


    Global Enterprises often have many Data Centres, deploy local Activate agents for high speed file system scanning to save network bandwidth and time

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    Securing Shared Data for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring security of it data across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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