Secure and manage data stored in Shared Mailboxes

Take the pain away from managing shared mailboxes.
Empower users while saving time and money


Revolutionize Shared Mailbox Management to gain Visibility, Control, and Efficiency

Many organizations have issues with managing shared mailboxes where it is difficult to see who has access and manage that access effectively. The risk is that users have access to data they shouldn’t and it is expensive and slow to make changes manually.

We provide a simple web interface that allows business owners to view who has access to a shared mailbox, users to request access, while reducing the load on IT. We manage the lifecycle of the Shared Mailbox through smart out of the box best practice processes.
Enhance Security

Secure sensitive information that is sent and stored in Shared Mailboxes. Enforce corporate policies for the creation and management of Shared Mailboxes

Empower users

Self Service management, access and creation of Cloud and On-premise Shared Mailboxes provides an exceptional end-user experience

Stop logging tickets

End to end automation from Request and Business Approval to fully Provisioned changes without needing expert knowledge or IT support

Instant Access

Change 5 day Service Desk SLA’s into seconds and create or manage Shared Mailboxes 24/7


Smart. Streamlined. Secure.

Out of the box best practice enterprise management of Shared Mailboxes
Seamlessly manage on-premise Exchange and Exchange Online Mailboxes in a single place
Smart Organization
Categorize Mailboxes and provide different business rules and approvals for different sets of Mailboxes. Manage Shared User, Equipment and Room mailboxes in a single place
Best Practise Management
Manage the entire life-cycle of the Mailbox from creation, update and deletion using our out of the box processes
Security and Audit
Extend native security by controlling who can have access to the Mailbox and provide temporary access with automatic expiry

User Managed

Empower Users to Manage their Shared Mailboxes

Allow end users to create Shared Mailboxes based on their business needs, be it a new Project, Product or Event
  • Designed for Business Users
  • Secure
  • End to End Automation
  • Empower Business Users

    Our simple web based portal makes it easy for users to find, request access or manage what they need


    Empower Business Owners to view and manage their own Shared Mailboxes while ensuring security and control. Owners can approve requests for access to the Mailbox and perform other actions

    Template Based

    All Shared Mailboxes are created based on a pre-defined template. This makes it quick and secure to create the Mailbox with the right settings

    Automatic Expiry

    Shared Mailboxes created by users are automatically set to expire every 180 days (configurable). Upon expiry, the owners of the Mailbox can opt to keep or delete it

    "We reduced the number of service calls related to shared mailboxes by 95%"

    Advanced Features

    Smart, Automated Mailbox Management

    Advanced features to dramatically improve the security and management of Shared Mailboxes
  • Flexible
  • Smart
  • Dynamic
  • Booking Information

    Allow users to quickly and easily manage advanced mailbox features like Booking settings and Delegates

    Role Based Access

    Automatically assign or remove user access based on their corporate HR information as they join and move within the organization

    Audit and Compliance

    End to End audit and compliance where all approvals and actions are auditable and reportable within the system. External and System Auditors can quickly and easily determine when and who approved particular actions

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    Streamlining Shared Mailbox Management

    A large goverment department sought solutions to decrease the volume of tickets received by their Service Desk relating the management of Shared Mailboxes

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