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Integrated Self Service, Orchestration and Automation

All Activate's solutions are built on our sophisticated enterprise server orchestration platform
Web Portal

Empower Business Users with our simple to use web portal

Smart Orchestration

Orchestrate and automate end to end management of user identities, access and workspace

Fast Implementation

Utilitize our out of the box industry best practise solutions to get started today


Implement just the products you need or the entire solution and quickly customize our industry best practice out of the box processes to meet your unique needs

Platform Features

Integrated Automation Platform

Transform how you manage your end users' IT environment and systems
Flexible Deployment
Install Activate on Azure, AWS, Google or Private VM depending upon your requirements. Installing Activate inside your security boundary means you always maintain control of your data and minimizes security risks from external systems accessing sensitive information
Access Everywhere
Publish the Activate Web Portal using Azure Application Publishing or our “Activate Anywhere” application proxy to securely publish the Activate web portal for remote workers
Virtual LDAP
Incorporate multiple forests and Azure environments into an overall structure. View and manage groups and users whether in AD or Azure in the same way
Automatic synchronization using our connector technology makes it quick and easy to detect changes in a remote system and automatically perform actions based on changes

Web Portal

Designed for End Users - simple to use but powerful

Empower users to manage their own environment without Service Desk or IT support while ensuring security and compliance

Easily customize the web portal to match your corporate branding and colors

Forms Engine

Quickly and easily create powerful dynamic forms without coding. Drag and drop, data binding and a wide range of sophisticated out of the box controls means new forms and processes can be created in minutes

Enterprise Search

Instant autocomplete style search across all Activate managed systems and environments. For example, instantly search for software, access, users, contacts, shared folders, email lists or Teams in a single place

Integrated Knowledgebase

Provide users with the information they need with our easy to use integrated knowledgebase

"Activate just works. It does what it says on the box."

Orchestration Engine

Smart. Scalable. Flexible.

Full end to end automation and orchestration of any business process
  • Business User Workflow
  • Automated Systems Management
  • Identity Access Management
  • Integration

    Quick and easy integration with on-premise or cloud based systems. Integrate with HR, Service Desk, Azure and line of business applications quickly and simply


    Simple and powerful workflow and orchestration engine that is easy to create or customize existing workflows. Simple approval, escalation and automation steps with no code

    Scripting and API

    Powerful .NET Core or PowerShell scripting utilize our .NET API to quickly automate and provision changes in Activate or remote systems like Active Directory, Azure or any other connected system


    All Configuration, Scripts, Workflows, Forms, Custom Properties are stored in the Activate database utilizing our built-in security and version control system. Unlike other systems that distribute this information across PowerShell scripts, configuration files and multiple databases

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    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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