Role and Entitlement Manager

Activate Role and Entitlement Manager allows for the management of Activate roles such as Locations, Department and Business Roles. Entitlements such as Services, Distribution Lists and Folder Access can also be assigned and managed on a per role basis.

Business users can manage roles via the Activate Web portal rather than administrators needing to do this within Activate Administrator. For example, they can create, update and delete roles as well as add and remove users from specific roles. Business users can also manage default entitlements, such as Services, Distribution Lists, Folder Access, etc for these roles.

Roles can also be linked via Activate Connector technology to an external HR system that synchronizes roles and membership.

Activate Role and Entitlement Manager also encompasses a sophisticated role attestation process that can periodically ask business owners of roles to verify that the defaults on their roles are correct. The attestation process can also ask Managers of users in specific roles to verify that the access that they have over and above the defaults on their roles is correct.


Role Hierarchy

Activate roles are a hierarchy of roles that generally have Departments, Locations and System Roles as top level roles.

Users in Roles

Users are members of multiple roles in Activate. For example, they may be in Department 'Accounting', Location 'San Francisco' and Business Role 'Accountant'. Each role can provide different defaults.

Default Entitlements

Users can view and manage default entitlements, such as services, distribution lists, folder access, etc online.

Role Membership

Business users can view and manage role membership online.

HR Connectivity

Roles and role membership can be synchronized from an external datasource, such as HR.