Smart, Seamless Automated Management of all Services and Access

Empower business users to manage all the Services they need from Software and Application access to Mobile and Hardware devices - quickly and simply
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Revolutionize how you manage the Services and Access that business users need to do their job

In most organizations, the Service Desk is responsible for assigning or removing Services like installing Software, Applications Access or Hardware for users. While these requests may be submitted via any Service Desk channel, like phone or self service web portal, business approvals may be manual or via a basic workflow approval which results in a Ticket being logged. The Service Desk must then manually implement the change using native tools. This can be slow and error prone as mistakes are made leading to rework and frustration for the business.

Activate’s user friendly web portal with powerful yet simple approval processes and fully automated provisioning means that users get immediate access, while effectively managing security and audit requirements.
Reduce Costs

100% automated access from Request and Approval though to fully Provisioned means you start saving time and money on day one

Empower Change

Fully automated Services can be created in seconds using our declarative Services, out of the box processes and workflows. A new fully automated service can be created and published to business users quickly and simply

Stop Logging Tickets

End to end automation from Request and Business Approval to fully Provisioned changes without needing expert knowledge or IT support

Instant Access

Change 5 day Service Desk SLA’s into seconds and get new acecss to Services 24/7

"We automated 80% of our access management changes"


Smart, Seamless Automated

Services are the building block for all access within Activate
Activate Services are declarative and use default out of the box processes and workflows, so a new fully automated service can be created and published to business users quickly and simply
End to End Automation
Automate the management of all Service access changes from request and business approval through to automated fulfillment of all assignments, updates and removals
Role Based Access Control
Automatically assign, update or remove Services as users join, move or leave the organization
Instantly identify who is using what Service, who approved it and when

Self Service

Empower Users with the tools they need quickly and easily

An Activate Service goes beyond a traditional ITSM Service Request by offering fully functional and automated services, empowering users to manage their own resources and Services. Unlike Traditional ITSM Service Request based management, Activate Services provides end-to-end management, streamlined approvals and seamless integration with Identity Management processes which enhances efficiency and security
  • Service Catalogue
  • Business Approvals
  • End to End Automation
  • Fast Implementation
  • Flexible Design

    Quickly create and publish Services for end users with the information they need including Images, Pricing, Workflow summary, Alternatives or Related Services

    Custom Forms

    Activate’s Form Engine is extremely powerful and easy to use. Create beautiful and functional forms quickly and easily, while ensuring that the data gathered can be used in automated processes

    Custom Integration

    Quickly integrate and automate the management of all your systems. Implementing custom connectors is quick and simple

    Lifecycle Management

    Unlike traditional ITSM products, Activate manages the Service the entire time the user has it. Users can view their current services, update them or remove them as required

    Service Provisioning

    Smart, Automated Service Provisioning and Management

    Automatically manage and fulfill changes in your environment
  • Point and Click
  • Out of the Box
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Active Directory Groups

    Just select the AD group and you're done. Activate will automatically control access to the Resource that the Group controls. For example, Applications, Software, VPN Access or anything else controlled by an AD group

    Azure Groups and Roles

    Just select the Azure group and thats it. Activate will automatically control access to the Resource that the Group controls. For example, SAAS Application, Intune software deployment, System Access or any other cloud resource

    REST and Custom API's

    Quickly integrate with any system with a REST or Custom API. Define how to Assign, Update or Remove the users access and let Activate do the rest

    Integrated Manual Steps

    Automate the service life-cycle even when some steps need to be provisioned manually. For example, a service with a low usage or an external procurement process that cannot be automated may require a manual step in the overall process

    Service Types

    Services can be used to automate anything

    Your imagination is the limit! Services are a building block that can be used for an infinite number of solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Physical Access Cards
  • Phone Extensions
  • Travel Requests
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Stories

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    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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