Smart, Seamless Automated Management of all Asset Types

Empower business users to manage everything from Software Licenses and Computers through to Extensions and Mobile Phones


Revolutionize how you manage the Assets that business users need to do their job

In many organizations, the manual management of assets such as licenses and hardware by the Service Desk or Procurement Team is prone to errors and time-consuming. Whether utilizing a separate Asset Management system or the CMDB within their ITSM tool, maintaining accurate and up-to-date asset information becomes challenging.

Activate seamlessly incorporates asset management into the overall process, allowing for streamlined allocation and return of assets as users join, move or depart from the organization. This end-to-end integration, spanning from request and procurement to full provisioning of assets, results in significant time savings while ensuring accurate asset tracking. Activate can also synchronize this information with your existing asset or CMDB system, providing a comprehensive and consolidated view of your assets.
Reduce Asset Costs

Ensure Assets are well managed and utilized correctly within your organization

Reduce IT Workload

Automatically assign and track assets and owners as users request changes or they join or leave the organization. Remove the need to manually update asset records

Stop Logging Tickets

Integrate asset management into overall processes without manual steps

Empower the Business

Users can request, update or return assets like computers, mobile phones or any other hardware quickly and easily. Users can also view the assets they have in a single place

"We drastically reduced our cost of license violations by over $500K in the first year alone"


Smart. Seamless. Automated.

Assets are the building block for all resources that are required by users
Flexible Asset Types
Quickly define the properties and values for each Asset Type that needs to be tracked
Service Integration
Automatically assign an asset, update or return an asset as the users change within the organization
CMDB Integration
Automatically create, update, delete or assign assets in your current financial asset system or CMDB
Asset Tracking
Instantly identify who is using what Asset, who approved it and when


The est. cost savings from automated asset management


Estimated License saving in the last year

Asset Management

Smart, Seamless, Automated Asset Management

Empower Users with the tools they need, quickly and easily
  • Custom Asset Types
  • End to End Automation
  • Fast Implementation
  • Control Costs
  • Asset Pools

    Automatic allocation and management of assets from an Asset Pool. Automatically generate notifications when asset are low


    Easily integrate internal or external procurement Teams into provisioning processes

    Vendor Automation

    Automate provisioning processes with external vendors like Telcos or Hardware vendors


    Report on usage by Department, Location or Team

    Assets Types

    Assets can be used to manage anything

    Your imagination is the limit! Asset are a building block that can be used for an infinite number of solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Physical Access Cards
  • Phone Extensions
  • Customer Stories

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    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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