Services Manager

Activate Services Manager allows the management of services to be delegated to users and application owners. A service can be anything that a user can request, from applications or software through to internet access or hardware.

Activate manages the Service for the entire Service Lifecycle from provisioning the Service, through to Service updates and finally de-provisioning the Service.

The shopping cart style interface means that users can quickly and easily get the Services they require.

Examples of Activate Services:
  • Self Service Software deployment with Microsoft Systems Centre Configuration Manager
  • Computer or Laptop purchase requests
  • Cell Phone requests
  • Access to business systems


End User Service Catalogue

An easy end user oriented business catalogue makes it simple for users to find what they need. Full indexed 'Google like' searching makes it even easier.

Simple to Use

Services can provide any level of information for the users including description, pricing and a summary of the approval process required to get the service.

Business Approvals

Multi-level Business Approvals for services means that auditors can be assured that users have the appropriate authorization to use these services.


Services Manager can also suggest alternative services that may be more appropriate for the user.

Service Expiry

Service expiry allows services to be assigned for a period of time. For example, this allows 'rental' of software and temporary access to be assigned.

View Current Services

Users can quickly and easily view the services they current have and request removal or updates to those services.

Custom Forms and Information

Services Manager can easily capture additional information. This information can be used to automatically provision services, or can be passed through for manual provisioning.

Order Hardware and Other Services

Services can be anything that you are providing to a user including Hardware, Phones, RSA tokens etc.