User Provisioning Manager

Activate User Provisioning Manager allows for the creation and management of user accounts in Active Directory, including such tasks as creating user accounts, disable users, move users and delete users.

Business users can easily perform these tasks with the appropriate approvals without requiring IT intervention or assistance.

These tasks can be linked via Activate Connector technology to an external HR system that triggers these events.

Activate Hierarchical Role Based Provisioning allows metadata to be easily configured to control this process. This allows user creation and management in conjunction with corporate policy in a simple and comprehensive manner. This allows a small amount of information to be entered and the remaining information is derived from the business rules in Activate. For example, the users login name, home drive, exchange server location etc are all set based on corporate policy rather than requiring someone to manually select.



Simple to Use

Users can enter simple business level information about the new user account and the system derives all other information from business rules.

User Account Types

The system allows for different user account types. For example, employee's, contractors and vendors may have slightly different rules or information required.

Customized Information

Customize the information gathered during this process that is relevant to your organization .

Hierarchical Role based Provisioning

Hierarchical Role based provisioning allows corporate policies and rules to be quickly and easily configured and enforced.

Customized IT/HR Onboarding

In conjunction with other Activate products, like Services Manager, a full IT/HR onboarding process can be easily created to replace current manual MAC forms.

User Lifecycle

Manage the user from creation and deletion, through to moving roles such as location, department or business role etc.

Account Owners

Activate adds the ability to have multiple account owners for accounts such as service accounts, mailboxes etc. These users can manage the account and are responsible for audit items such as renewal processes.