Password Manager

Activate Password Manager enables users to register ‘secret’ questions and answers that can be used to verify their identity and allow them to Reset their Password or Unlock their Account without needing to call the Service Desk.

  • Automated End User Registration
  • Automated Password Reset and Unlock via Web Portal
  • Automated Password Reset and Unlock via Windows Credential Provider
  • Automated External Password Reset and Unlock via Activate Anywhere - from outside the network
  • Two factor Authentication
  • Integration of Password changes into Activate Services and Remote Systems   
According to Gartner, if a 10,000-employee company automated password-resetting alone, Service Desk calls could drop by one-third and the firm could save approx. US$648,000 each year. According to Burton Group, studies show the management of passwords cost US$200 to US$300 per user, per year.


Password Policy

Quickly and easily inform the users what the current password policy is within Active Directory

Register Shared Secrets

Users register for Password Reset by registering 'shared secrets' that help identify the person is who they say they are

Two Factor Authentication

Activate can also be configured to require two factor authentication. Where a single use PIN number is sent to an external email address or mobile phone via text

Web Password Reset

Users can easily reset their password using a browser. A random set of the user's registered questions is used to ensure security and prevent hacking. The user is also locked out after a number of attempts to prevent hacking

Windows Password Reset

Allow users to reset their password directly from the Windows Login Screen. Activate has support for Windows Windows 8.x and Windows 10 operating systems

External Password Reset

Allow business users to Reset their Password even if they are not on your network. Provide a link from your OWA, Citrix, VPN or other web site to a secure Activate Portal in the DMZ that allows users to Reset their Password or Unlock their Account

Detailed Feature Summary

  • Customisable Reset Questions

    The number of questions and the questions themselves can easily be customised during installation. The number of questions required to Reset a Password can also be configured
  • Two Factor Authentication

    Two factor authentication significantly increases the security of the system. Single use PIN numbers can be sent to a user's registered private email address or mobile phone via an SMS gateway
  • Registration Process

    Users must register to be able to Reset their Passwords, so it is important to make this process quick and easy. Users that have not registered can be sent a periodical email reminding them to or they can be prompted during login
  • Windows Security Plugin

    In addition to Resetting their Password on the web portal, users can Reset their Password directly from the Windows Login Screen. Activate supports Windows 8.X and Windows 10 for plugins for Password Reset. This function requires a desktop component to be installed on each desktop on the network. The system is supplied with a MSI file that can easily be deployed using Group Policy or a software distribution tool like Microsoft SCCM
  • External Password Reset Web Site

    The external Password Reset web site is designed to operate in the DMZ and can be linked from any external web portal that users normally need to log into, for example Citrix, OWA, SSL VPN. This function only requires HTTP access to the Activate Server to perform these functions
  • Service Desk Password Reset

    Manual Service Desk Password Resets can also be done quickly and easily via Activate, saving time and money even for manual Password Resets
  • Service Desk Authentication

    There may still be instances where the users need to call the Service Desk to Reset their Password. The user's registered answers can be shown to the Service Desk staff to assist them in identifying the user


The following outlines some of the common questions asked about the Activate Password Manager Module and how it securely Resets Users Passwords.

  • Storage of Passwords

    Activate never stores a user's long term password. Activate will generate a temporary single use Passwords however, the users long term password is entered into Windows and set via normal Windows mechanisms
  • Network Security

    All communication between the Activate Windows Security Plugins or the External Password Reset web site is secured using AES 256bit encryption