Enhance Azure and Office 365 with Smart Governance and Automation

Manage Azure AD, Teams, Office 365 and Exchange Online from a single orchestrated platform


Revolutionize how you manage Azure and Office 365

The rate at which enterprises have moved to cloud based computing like Office 365 and Azure has increased dramatically over the last few years. However, this has meant that is has become increasing more complex and difficult to manage this environment. Control is spread across multiple systems and Administrators must use multiple portals to perform their tasks.

Activate’s products provide a solution for managing this complexity by integrating Corporate Governance and Control into overall business processes, while empowering Business Users to manage their own environment.
One Process

Manage Cloud and On-premise in one place and integrate cloud services into your existing on-premise processes seamlessly


Extend corporate governance and policies to the cloud, ensuring the application of corporate rules and regulations across both On-premise and Cloud systems

Consolidated View

View all information about users, services and resources in a single place whether on-Premise or Cloud based systems

Reduce Costs

Dramatically reduce the time required to manage these environments and reduce errors with smart automation

"We automated 80% of our access management changes"

Self Service

Remove the pain of managing the cloud

Activate provides end-to-end management with seamless integration with identity management processes, enhancing efficiency and security while providing an exceptional experience for your business users
  • Consolidated
  • Secure
  • End to End Automation
  • Integrated Governance
  • Integrated Identity

    Manage on-premise or cloud users from a single integrated indentity

    Consolidated Ownership

    View, manage and automatically control owership of resources as users join, move or leave the organization across all platforms

    Guest Access

    Control Guest access with smart processes, approvals and end to end automation

    Role Based Access Control

    Automatically grant, update or remove access to cloud based resources as users join, update or leave the organization

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  • License Control
  • End to End Automation
  • Secure
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    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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