Desktop Deployment

Activate's Desktop Deployment Feature Pack makes the rollout management of desktops a breeze. The Activate Feature Pack is designed to make roll outs of new SOE environments, such as Windows 8 etc, quick and easily while maintaining service the users.
Activate manages the process of taking inventory from a Desktop Management tool (like Microsoft Systems Centre Configuration Manager) and mapping that through to Activate Services. These services are then determined if they are supported in the new environment or if there is a replacement.

  • Reduce Costs

    The management of Desktop Deployment projects in large organizations is very expensive. The Activate process automates a large portion of this and removes the need for manual processes.
  • Business as Usual Process

    The Activate Desktop Deployment pack not only helps with one-off deployment projects, but also assists with BAU processes like lease renewals and rollouts of new software.
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    Desktop deployment projects are inherently disruptive for end users. The Activate process ensures that end-users are communicated with throughout the process.


Automated Processes

Manage the process from discovery and design right through to end user communication and deployment.


Inventory information from your favorite software inventory tool can easily be imported and mapped to Activate Services.

Design Future State

Determine if services are available on the new SOE platform, or decide on replacement services.

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activate's Desktop Deployment Feature Pack and processes can help your organization.