HR On-boarding

Activate provides a sophisticated platform for the automation of your HR on-boarding process.

Activate can integrate with your existing HR systems and processes in a number of ways. Everything from new hire approvals, through to new employee welcome and survey emails are all possible.

The on-boarding process normally starts with automating the new users account and access with Activate User Manager, Activate Roles and Entitlements Manager and Activate Services Manager. Activate Services Manager allows managers to request access, hardware and anything else a user may require when they start.

New Employee's can be created automatically via HR synchronization or can be manually created by Managers, Service Desk or HR personal as required.

  • Reduced Costs

    Automatically creating users with default entitlements significantly reduces costs while enhances the end user experience.
  • Integrated HR Processes

    Integrate your current HR processes and extend them with automated provisioning, end user requests and role based access control.
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    Automated access and provisioning mean that users get what they need on their first day. Provide the best possible experience for your new staff members.

HR On-boarding

Single Online Processes

End Users and Managers can quickly and easily request new employee's accounts and access. This process can also be automatically processed by an HR connector.

User Notifications

End Users are notified of actions as they are performed. These can easily include 'welcome' emails for new users and other information to ease the transition for new employees.


Activate Services Manager makes it easy for managers to request additional access or hardware that users may require on their first day.

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activate's HR On-boarding processes can help your organization.