Automate On-boarding and Off-boarding

Find out how the Activate Platform can automate your entire Identity Management and Goverance processes


Integrated Self Service, Identity Orchestration and Automation

Relying on manual procedures for user provisioning and access leads to unnecessary workloads and increases the risk of human error, resulting in potential security issues and decreased productivity.

With Activate, you can harness the power of automation to swiftly grant, modify or revoke access. By automating these processes, you can enhance compliance, boost productivity and reduce costs. Activate enables you to streamline your operations, ensuring efficient and error-free management of access privileges throughout the employee lifecycle.

Protect your business by automating access and user provisioning


Reduce new user provisioning times from days to minutes

Audit and Control

Fully integrated audit, compliance and reporting that is simple to use

Cost Savings

Dramatically reduce provisioning costs with smart end to end automation


Reduce user provisioning from days to minutes


Provide 24/7 access without the need for staff


The esimated savings from automated provisioning

Identity Provisioning

Empower. Control. Automate.

Empower users to manage their own environment without Service Desk or IT support while ensuring security and compliance.
Smart Provisioning

Create user accounts and access as users join the organization using out of box industry best practice processes. Create Active Directory, Azure, Home drives, Mailboxes, Default Access and send email notifications without code


Automatically disable and remove all access across your network in a single step, included manually assigned services and access. Integrated hardware retrival and management

Non-Employee Users

Manage non-employee users with the same ease as employees. Track account owners and ensure the right access is granted and maintained


Quickly implement attestation at the Role, User or Application level

"We reduced new user onboarding from 10 days to less than 2 minutes."


Smart. Scalable. Flexible.

Explore how you can automate and streamline Identity Security with Activate
  • Reduce Provisioning times
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage Risk
  • Password Management

    Simple Password Reset from any Device - Desktop, Windows, Mobile, Remote

    Role Based Access Control

    Automatically assign and revoke access and services as users join, move or leave the organization. Fully automated or manually provisioned Services can be managed in the same smart way

    Realtime Monitoring

    Monitor all changes to Active Directory or Azure and enforce advanced policies. Automatically remove invalid access, notify administrators. Enforce who can be a member of any group or resource

    Priviledged Account Management

    Dramatically reduce risk and costs by automatically managing Privileged Accounts, like Administrator and Service Accounts.

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