Service Catalogue

A Service Catalogue is a list of IT services that an organization provides to it's employees or customers. However, the implementation details can vary dramatically. For example, a simple Service Catalogue can just be an Excel spreadsheet.

Most Service Catalogues are add-ons to an existing Service Desk tool, they therefore provide a way for users to see and request simple items online and then log a request ticket to action the request. While this technically constitutes a Service Catalogue the level of benefit is limited as fulfillment of the requests are still manual. For example, a traditional Service Catalogue may document and inform the user of the fact that it may take 48hrs to action a request, whereas Activate will automate it and the user's request would be actioned in a few seconds.

Activate's unique combination of Service Catalogue linked to Access Management and Systems Management mean that users can request, approve and action these items online. The end to end process means that Auditors can view actions from Request to Approval right through to Automated provisioning and fulfillment of these requests.

  • Reduced Costs

    Automating common provisioning and access tasks means that tasks that once took a trained IT person to do can be done automatically and simply online.
  • Security and Audit

    End to end processes from Request, through to Business Approval and finally Automated Fulfillment mean that Auditors and Security personnel can be sure that security and compliance processes are being followed.
  • Increase End User Satisfaction

    Automated access and provisioning, along with integrated end user request processes means that it is quick and easy for users to get what they need, when they need it. This significantly increases end user satisfaction with IT and means that the IT organization can focus on adding value rather than performing repetitive tasks that can be automated.


Online Service Catalogue

All Activate products and solutions are based on end user requests and are available online. The system has a sophisticated role and security based delegation system that can easily control who and what end users can do online. The system is designed to be simple for end users to use.

Fast Instant Search

Users can quickly and easily search for the things they need. They can search Services, Folders, Distribution Lists, SharePoint Access and any other items in Activate. Business Users familiar with Google can quickly and easily find things in Activate.

Business Workflow

Activate's comprehensive workflow and business approval engine, along with integration with Active Directory and remote directories for approval information mean that business approvals can be actioned quickly and simply.

Business Owners

Activate's ability to assign and manage detailed business owners for system resources like distribution lists, folders, sharepoint, software and systems access means that it is simple to ensure that the right people are approving all actions.

Please contact your Activate representative for a demo or for more information on how Activate's Service Catalogue solution can help your organization.