Folder Manager

Activate Folder Manager allows users to search for secured folders by the name of the folder rather than needing to know the name of the group that secures it.
Shared folders in an organization are normally secured by security groups. Users are placed in these groups to provide access to the folder. The Security Group may give the members of the group different access rights to the folder. For example, ‘read only’ or ‘write access’.
In most organizations it quickly becomes difficult to determine which folders are secured by which groups. The information is hard to find and manage because it is distributed over the entire file structure and is embedded in the access control lists of the folders.
Activate Folder Manager makes this information instantly available and users can request access to a folder without needing to identify the group that secures it.


Browse Folders

Users can easily browse available folders online and select the folder that they need access to.

View Available Options

Users can view the current security options available for each folder. Selecting Read/Write access without needing to know anything about Active Directory Groups or Security.

Multiple Business Owners

Each folder can have multiple business owners. These business owners can approve and manage access to the data within the folder.

Create Shared Folders

Allow end users to create shared folders - the appropriate groups are created in Active Directory, the folder is secured and fully managed without IT intervention.

Temporary Access

Grant users access to a folder for a period of time. Improve access and data security by only granting contractors or internal users on secondment temporary access.

Show who has access

Allow business users to quickly and easily see who has access to their data, including the type of access. They can then easily remove this access if required.