Distribution List Manager

Activate Distribution List Manager allows business users to manage distribution lists without requiring Service Desk support. By using Self Service concepts the system allows business users to request, approve and create new distribution lists.
Delegating list management to the business allows much closer authorization and management of resources such as distribution lists. This allows the organization to make much better use of these resources and have more control and visibility of who is in the lists and who has access to what.
Allowing users to create and manage their distribution lists as company resources instead of personal lists within Outlook is more efficient on company and IT resources and allows more visibility of these groups within the organization.


Simple to Use

Activate Distribution List Manager is designed for end users to quickly and easily request and action the management of Exchange. A simple ribbon toolbar and properties page shows the user what actions are possible.


Categorize Distribution Lists and provide different business rules and approvals for different sets of Distribution Lists.

Business Owners

Each Distribution List can be assigned multiple business owners. These users can approve requests for access to the Distribution List and perform other actions.

Business Workflow

All actions can require approval. Reminders, Escalation procedures and Delegated approvals are built in to the Activate platform to ensure that users can always request, approve and monitor approvals as they happen.

Security and Audit

All approvals and actions are auditable and reportable within the system. External and System Auditors can quickly and easily determine when and who approved particular actions.