Transform how data is secured and shared

Empower users to manage their data and how it is shared across all platforms


Empower Users to manage access to sensitive data

Unstructured Data is growing at ever increasing rates. This information is increasingly stored and shared in many different ways, which makes it difficult to manage and determine who has access to this information.

Activate makes it easy to empower business users to manage this information quickly and easily
Enhance Security

Manage the security of stored data whether in the File System, One Drive, Teams or Shared Mailboxes

Empower users

Improve compliance and control by empowering users with simple tools and automation to take the pain away from managing these systems

Stop Logging Tickets

End to end automation from Request and Business Approval to fully Provisioned changes without needing expert knowledge or IT support

Instant Access

Change 5 day Service Desk SLAs into seconds and create or manage these systems 24/7

Self Managed

Empower Users to Self Manage their Data

Allow end users to store and share information quickly and securely
  • Designed for Business Users
  • Secure
  • End to End Automation
  • Distribution Lists

    Secure and manage data shared in Email Distribution Lists

    Files and Folders

    Secure and manage file data stored on File Servers or One-Drive

    Microsoft Teams

    Enhance Microsoft Teams with smart orchestration and control

    Shared Mailboxes

    Empower users to manage Shared Mailboxes quickly and simply

    "We reduced the number of service calls related to email distribution lists by 80%"
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    The Warehouse saves money by using Activate to Manage their Office 365 Migration

    See how Activate has helped a large retailer migrate to Office 365 saving hundreds of hours of manual work

    Streamlining Communication Efficiency for a Global Dairy Processor and Exporter

    A renowned global dairy processor and exporter, known for exporting over 20 billion liters of milk annually, faced challenges in ensuring reliable and efficient communication across its extensive and geographically diverse organization.

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