End User Self Service

Self Service is a cornerstone of the Activate product suite. For business users this means that they get their request fulfilled faster. Instead of waiting for days they can do things themselves through Activate without spending time on the phone or filling out a paper form. IT resources that previously have been doing mundane administrative tasks can be redeployed adding value to the business. Activate will automate approvals and integrate these requests into your backend systems. This means that corporate policy and audit requirements are automatically enforced without burdening the business or IT.

  • Reduce Calls to the Service Desk

    Self Service means that calls that once required a person on the phone to take are handled quickly and efficiently online.
  • Improve End User Satisfaction

    Users can quickly and easily see the status of their requests and if required, identify the appropriate person to follow up with.
  • End User Focused

    Activate is not an administration tool or help desk product offering “some” automation. It is written from the ground up as a self-service portal for end users and offers a truly user focused experience.

  • Easy to Find what you need

    Activate's full search capability and intuitive interface makes finding what you need quick and easy.


Simple customizable Home Page

The Activate home page is designed to be simple and easy to use. It gives an overview of the different options and makes it easy for users to search for what they need.

Fast Instant Search

Users can quickly and easily search for the things they need. They can search Services, Folders, Distribution Lists, Sharepoint access and any other items in Activate. Business Users familiar with Google can quickly and easily find things in Activate.

Online Catalogue

Activate's online catalogue allows users to manage anything from software and hardware requests, through to password reset and distribution list access.